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Top Visit by Top Sponsor

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

The Champion Project was thrilled to have members of the GMA Garnet Group attend the premises and actually assist with the meals preparation on a recent Friday. The staff were a fantastic blessing and it really helped with the enthusiasm and companionship between volunteers and donors - together we are making a real difference in some very troubled families.

Just a small glimpse into the difference that a hot 3 course meal can make, the Police report that there has been a drop of 37.5% in call outs to these families since the project began. It seems that something a simple as a warm meal on a Friday night orientates the family to be home and to be together. This puts vulnerable people in a positive space.

Here are some of our brag photos of the day. A big shout out to GMA and its fabulous staff. It is a tremendous boost to our productivity to have use of two brand new ovens donated by the Mining Company.

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