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Joy to the World even in 2021

This Christmas pass, the Champion Project, was able to home deliver 50 quality hampers filled with all the traditional goodies, and trimmings, with gifts to families living on the edge. It still seems impossible for a country as affluent as Australia that so many have so very little. Some families descend into almost unbearable crisis because of illness, social disadvantage, generational trauma and domestic violence.

With the help of sponsors such as GMA Garnet Group, Mining Associates, 2nd Chance, and Champion Lakes Christian Church, about $15,000 was raised to provide desperate families with all that is needed to make Christmas a time of peace and of good will to all people.

A courageous team of volunteers navigated the late COVID19 restrictions and raging heat to home-deliver fresh salads, cool drinks, quality ham, cooked chicken and presents for all the children.

A 22 year old female victim of family violence living in a garden shed, a grandmother close to dying of cancer, a discharged serial offender recovering from a bad reaction to a COVID19 vaccination, and a dozens of children, ALL say thank you - and Merry Christmas.

In helping others we are actually helping ourselves. At the very heart of Christmas, we recognize the power of giving to others.

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