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Happening Now: Champion Family's Meal Program

Friday the 9th of October we began our Champion Family's Meal Program. What an exciting and well anticipated day this has been for us, our founder Aaron Pryce has had this dream for a decade, and we now can finally go out into our community to reach those who have had significant life barriers and show love to our neighbours. We have received 18 families thus far, with help from the WA police, that we are able to come to their home and serve them a meal. With help from the amazing Brandon and Jo (our amazing chefs) and our volunteers we are able to cook, pack and deliver these meals to each family. We cannot forgot all you who have supported a family by providing $25 a week for this meal, we could not have done it without you and we are so grateful for your support to our organisation and partnering with us to see lives beginning to be transformed. From now on this will be happening weekly on a Friday and we would love to see more people get involved as we reach more and more families. If you are interested please email us at

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